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środa, 11 lutego 2009
Singapore - baggy

At Bugis Center

I kind of like the Fleur-de-lis "monogram". Have no idea if this is a "brand" bag or no name. Quite a few ppl wear them. 

At Bugis Center

Bugis Center, Singapore, 12.2008.

Singapore - lolitas

In Orchard str.

In Orchard str.

Orchard str., Singapore, 12.2008.

Singapore - orange

In Orchard str.

Orchard str. Singapore, 12.2008.

Singapore - boys' watch

In Orchard str.

It's "look at my watch!":)

In Orchard str.

Orchard str., Singapore, 12.2008.

piątek, 06 lutego 2009
Hanoi - black and white

Black and white

Hanoi, Old Quarter, 1.2009.

Warsaw - Pink

In Chmielna str.

Pink cardi, pink shoe lace:) - in Chmielna str.





Warsaw, 10.2008.

Singapore - Yellow


Yellow is Brazil, no? It's Sweden.

Blue eyes blond hair? No, black!

Bugis Center, Singapore, 12.2008.

sobota, 31 stycznia 2009
Paris - CdGH+, hom(m)e stylishly

CdGH+ AW2009

Pinstripe apron for unemployed men who want to spend time stylishly at home:)


niedziela, 25 stycznia 2009
Hanoi - a biker

A man and his bike

The bike is his. What a face, what a bike:)

Happy New Year - The Year of Buffalo

In front of the Cathedral, Hanoi, 25.1.2009.

(click for a bigger picture)

Hanoi - the painter

The painter

I was out today to the meet a friend and snap some pictures. It was the last day of the year and not many women were on the street. (They must be home cooking for the dinner tat nien). I was never seeing so many stylish men in one day, hehe.

He wore military stuffs with a shirt in blue stripes. I asked him to pose with and without the scarf, to show the shirt. But I think the red scarf looks divine:)

I kind of love the light quilted stuffs, too.

At Nha Tho str. Hanoi, 25.1.2009.
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