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niedziela, 30 grudnia 2007
The Voguest

The Voguest

Carine Roitfeld (right), Emmanuelle Alt (left) from French Vogue.

The Voguest

Giovanna Battaglia (left) is from L'Uomo Vogue.

Who said fashion crowd all wear black? :-)

At Haider Ackermann SS2008. Paris, 10.2007.

Thanks kitler1 for additional info on the stylists.

Grey coat, faded blue jeans

Grey coat, faded blue jeans

Should I say casual grey?:-) At Dior, Paris, 10.2007.

A lady who Serek liked

A lady with grey hair

Serek liked her (and her coat) so much that we asked her to pose:-). I later saw a girl wearing the same coat. Paris, 10.2007.



A young man in 4 button suit jacket

The eccentric

Do you remember him here ? Paris, 10.2007.

One is never enough

One is never enough

One is never enough

One is never enough

At Dior SS2008, Paris, 10.2007.

sobota, 29 grudnia 2007
Ping (no, it's not pink)

it's in Polish only, sorry!

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Then the mud fell off.

My Japanese friend told me recently that she has to clean her house tomorrow. It's the end of the year! - she said. In deed. It's a strange feeling, bc my laptop doesn't show the date, it only shows local time. I have to switch to another mode to see the date, which I do not very often. In that mode I made two times, Hanoi's, and Warsaw's - which is six hours behind. Shall I have two New Year Eves?

Anyway I saw "The best of 2007" everywhery, most recently in my friend's blog.literacki, about 5 interesting books in 2007. Maybe it's time to think about some interesting things that happened in fashion in 2007.

1. Get real.

Raf Simons said that his SS2008 collection was inspired by the backpackers who are traveling around the globe. So the show was packed with East Pack's bags, colourful sandals, nylon shorts and all - conditions outer wears. No suits and tailored jackets that his most signatured stuffs. (I am sure there were plenty of them in the showroom). But there is sth romantic about leaving all your concerns, putting all of your belongings into a backpack and just go, esp. to countries that are so different than yours. Btw I would love to meet a backpacker in Vietnam who wears RS. OK, it's fine if he knows who is RS.

2. Fake vs. real.

If you follow backpackers to Vietnam, where I am, imitation is reality. People make their own clothes and sew all the logos and tags on. I once saw two identical track suits, one with Nike logo, one with adidas. And in shops you can find iPOD and iPOD original, sitting in two glass boxes next to each other. I suppose some people don't even realize that they are wearing fakes (unless it's a LV bag) or their fakes don't exist in original.

Louis Vuitton - the brand famous for monogram bags (fake or real, does it matter?) hired Richard Prince to create their latest limited edition hand bags. The point is, as writen by Lauren Goldstein Crowe, the bags have the look and smell as if they were cheap fakes.

Art (and Richard Prince) does not need to pair with fashion to imitate. Please read what wikipedia said about Richard Prince, and NYT about “Richard Prince” by Eric Doeringer.

Bad look and smell are the result of cheap materials that the artist used for the bags, I suppose. Because the bags are produced by LV just like any other LV bag, the quality of craftmanship must be in the same level. Imagine somebody saying this van Gogh is so bad because the paints are cheap.

But it is fashion - Lauren Goldstein Crowe claimed and said further that the art and fashion collab for LV should stop. Fashion makes you dream - a very important person once said. Fashion should make you think you own that luxury. Fake bags do the same.

Fashion does not need art to become more luxurious. It does to be daring.


After skulls and birds (which were supposed to be the new skulls), there are quotes.
This is from CdG H+ AW07: natural style, unnatural drugs, supernatural tailors.
This is from LV: My wife went to the beauty shop and got a mud pack. For two days she looked beautiful. Then the mud fell off.

czwartek, 20 grudnia 2007
Haider Ackermann SS2008

The walk

The walk

It's the hips

The walk

Sisters in shiny black

Sexy back

It's was all shiny, liquid black adn agressively sexy at HA last show. I liked it at first, but now I think maybe it is a too "linear" way of doing a collection, no?

Paris, 10.2007.




In Trang Tien str. Hanoi, 12.2007.

Inside - outside

Inside, outside

The inside is more important than the outside, says "oldfashioned" vnmese. See it here in Hanoi. The originals are inside. A biker with a fake monogram cover is parked outside the LV boutique in Ha noi. I know the quote is not about that, but you might know that fashion can change everything :-).

LV in Hanoi

Head turning LV:-)

Hanoi, 12.2007.
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