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sobota, 24 listopada 2007


I don't know what happened, that:

1. everything is two in this picture:-)

2. The pic came out so small - I remember that I have set a bigger resolution inmy phone.

On the road from Ha noi to Nam dinh. 11.2007.

Light my fire

Burning lamps for the gods

Burning lamps for the gods

Burning lamps for the gods

Burning lamps for the gods

Burning lamps for the gods

Burning lamps for the gods

If the lamp goes well high in the sky, happiness will happen. If not, bad luck will come.

The province is famous for the tradition of burning "lamps for the gods". I knew about this from the movie called Me thao - thoi xa vang. It was screened during our 1st Vietnamese Films Festival in Warsaw this year in April. 

At the opening of the Vietnamese National Film Fest. in Nam dinh. 11.2007.

Polish bread

Bread and Poland

This is a quick lesson for my dear Polish friends:-)

Banh my (chleb - bread). Ba lan (Polska - Poland).

"You will find this restaurant near the banh my Ba lan".

A woman who sells the "polish breads" told me that that special bread has a thicker inner (vietnamese are crips, like french baguettes, but not that long, tho), and the powder is from Poland (hmm).

Nam dinh, 11.2007.

Ha noi, Ha noi

Ha noi Ha noi bildboard

Hanoi Hanoi, it's too good we have to call it twice. But this is Nam Dinh, a small town, 100 km from Ha noi. The Vietnamese National Film Festival took place here. This is the bilboard of the film called "Ha noi Ha noi". I kind of attended the festival, as a selectioner for the II Vietnamese Films Festival in Warsaw, Poland, which is planned for next April. I was not invited, of course. I just came there. Invited were Vietnamese films directors, actors, actresses, heads of film companies, authorities and vips from 7 countries. I was the only one who was outside the system (well, and my friend Julie:-) and who was looking for films for a festival. And people treated me nice. I have also received the official catalog, with dedicaton, from a very kind woman. She is one of the main organizers, and she makes international films reviews here in Ha noi, too.

I have became kind of LV hunter:-) but this is a exception. Because the bag should be real, no?

Nam dinh, 11.2007.

piątek, 16 listopada 2007
Paf paf

White and pretty White and pretty

There is a small street in Hanoi, which is packed with shops offering all kind of saddle's coverings. They use a stapler to piece together the cover into the motobike's saddle. When you pass through the street , you could here that specific sound - "paf" over and over again.

Here it's a larger than life version.

Hanoi, 11.2007.

czwartek, 15 listopada 2007
Dance, anyone?

Repetto shoes Comme des Garcons 4 Repetto Gaultier for Repetto

Designers, film stars and dancers made shoes for Repetto, for the house's anniversary. Here in the shop's window there were also Helmut Lang's "brick shoes" - completely unwearable, but I don't have the picture with myself, unfortunately.

Repetto, Paris, 10.2007.

Ania Kuczyńska

Robert Serek and Ania Kuczynska The sign

The silver circle, which is added to every garment  has became the sign of her new collection. I think it's now strech jeans (very minimalistic dark jeans with no jeans details) and graphic t-shirts.

Ania Kuczynska presentation

The famous polish graphic artist Karol Śliwka designed graphics for that collection.

Guess who

Do you want some colours?

Ania Kuczynska presentation at Rendez- Vous, Paris, 10.2007.

Big in Japan

Marios presentation Marios presentation 2/3 of Marios + Robert Serek

These clothes needed some instruction who to be worn.

Marios presentation at Rendez Vous (hey had the biggest room:), Paris, 10.2007.

The sexy Andrea Crews

Andrea Crew presentation Andrea Crew presentation

Second life ready to cut off on paper:)

Andrea Crew presentation

Balls on the wall, (and around your neck:) I am not sure if the accs are from the Andrea Crews, tho, because there were kind of two designers in the same space.

Andrea Crew presentation Andrea Crew presentation

At Andrea Crews stall, Rendez - Vous, Paris, 10.2007.

poniedziałek, 12 listopada 2007
Real, or surreal

An unusual collab :-)

In Ha noi, you will never know if it is real, or surreal:-)

At Hai Ba Trung str. Hanoi, 11.2007.

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