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piątek, 27 lutego 2009
Hanoi - boys

Ard the Cathedral

Ard Ho Guom

Hanoi, 2008.

Hanoi - girls

Yet Kieu str.

Yet Kieu str.

Yet Kieu str., Hanoi, 2008.

piątek, 20 lutego 2009
Hanoi - ethnic chic

Ethnic chic

I love his jkt. Look at the buttons! It's not that easy for men to look good in ethnic stuffs.

At a cafe in the Army Museum.

Ethnic chic

Mixing and mixing:) And the jeans skirt looks so cool:)

In front of the Cathedral.

Hanoi, 2.2009.

Hanoi - A girl in a motobike

A girl in a motobike

I love how she did a delicate look vs the massive bike. Like the green army litle jkt (sans the embroidery:). She wore some "men" stripes stuff, too.

In front of the Cathedral, Hanoi, 2.2009.

Hanoi - fashionista


He's just returned back from London (it shows, isn't it:) And he has a fashion blog too at

Nha Tho str. Hanoi, 1.2009.

poniedziałek, 16 lutego 2009
Hanoi - top gun :)

At Nha Tho str

At Nha Tho str., Hanoi, 1.2009.

Hanoi - sweeters :)

At Nha Tho str

At Nha Tho str

At Nha Tho str. Hanoi, 1.2009.

Hanoi - grey leather jkt

At Yet Kieu str

At Yet Kieu str. Hanoi, 2008.

Hanoi - in black

Ard Cathedral

Quite a lot of boys and girls wear black nails. It's kind of a big trend. But this boy is really into rock:)

Hanoi, ard Cathedral, 1.2009

środa, 11 lutego 2009
Singapore - show-it-all white dress:)

At Bugis Center

I like that she wore the dress over the blk tight top and leggins. The bag looks cool, too.

Bugis Center, SIngapore, 12.2008.

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