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środa, 27 lutego 2008



Pozdrowienie dla Katki, Bartka i Jarka, którzy jadą do Laosu:)

Hanoi, 27.2.2008.

Never leave your bike:-)



Shooting star in Hanoi

Shooting stars in Hanoi:)

Express shopping

Never-leave-your-bike shopping style.

Old quartier, Hanoi, 27.02.2008.

piątek, 22 lutego 2008
Wild roses

Wild roses

You rarely see this perfect combination of lacy like roses (a lot of "lacy" roses) and a soft, worn in cropped leather jkt. She is a owner of a small shop in Ly Thai To street.

Hanoi, 2.2008.

Carrying Comme des Garcons:-)

A girl

Comme des Garcons in Hanoi? This is the second time I saw a girl wearing Comme. Simple and nice!

Hanoi, Ly Thai To str. 2.2008.



I like that she wore grey, and cute jewelry. 


I always love cardis:-)

Pink aodai

Here the pink aodai mixed with a "trashy" sport nylon jkt.

Actresses, Hanoi, 2008.
czwartek, 21 lutego 2008
Casting calls

In blk

I had a casting job lately so I went on to ask some Hanoi actresses for a street style shoot:-)

The cropped jkt


I like all the cropped things:-) And I think she mixed brown - blk nicely with a good layering. Remember that these girls drive motobikes, mostly vespa-like machines.

More to come (I think here I've officially started the Hanoi street style section in the blog:-)

Hanoi, 2.2008.

sobota, 16 lutego 2008
Silver at Bruno Pieters




Sport + sophisticated fabrics + metallic silver in this collection. Bruno Pieters is one of the brightest new designers in Paris. He has won several prizes, inluding fr. ANDAM in 2007. 

After the collection in gold at CdG H+ last season and some silver at Raf Simons (SS2006 perhaps?) metallic fabrics in silver and gold seem to go on in menswear. I prefer the tweed-like linen fabric with gold threads - there were some jkts on sale in CdG Paris when I was there, and some had the Warsaw Guerrilla as well. It's "warmer" than the silver, in both terms of "nostalgic" and "temperature":-). Although the sporty stuffs in gold (in NY for fall) or silver here look good (give me the short!:-D). 



Is overall sexy? Some other designers have them also in NY. It kind of fits into the "men gone childish" mood in menswear (the short trousers and shrunken jkts are interpreted by some designers so literally). I think this look better from behind :-) The shape reminds me of Prada's weird underwear exposing collection for AW2008. 

Bruno Pieters

The designer himself. 

At Bruno Pieters showroom in Paris, 7.2007.

środa, 06 lutego 2008
The year of the rat

Firework at Hoan Kiem lake Firework at Hoan Kiem lake

Firework at Hoan Kiem lake. Hanoi, 2.2008.

poniedziałek, 04 lutego 2008
Eccentricity in A4 Magazine

A4 Magazine

A4 Magazine

A4 Magazine

A4 Magazine

I was with a great companion, don't you think:-) (And it feels real good, maybe I should make the scan, at last!)

The new A4 Magazine is about eccentrics. Walter van Bierendonck, Butt Magazine and Fantastic Man editor Jop van Bennekom, L'Eclaireur's owner Armand Hadida, photographer Maciek Kobielski, The Sart, Suzybubble to name but a few.



Attachment SS2008

Drapped top

White, washed

The short jkt

The end:-)

At the begining of the Men week in July, it was all about white, grey and washed-out tones. I like the fluidity of these clothes. Not as eccentric as Rick Owens, more "organic".

Paris, 07.2007.