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sobota, 31 stycznia 2009
Paris - CdGH+, hom(m)e stylishly

CdGH+ AW2009

Pinstripe apron for unemployed men who want to spend time stylishly at home:)


niedziela, 25 stycznia 2009
Hanoi - a biker

A man and his bike

The bike is his. What a face, what a bike:)

Happy New Year - The Year of Buffalo

In front of the Cathedral, Hanoi, 25.1.2009.

(click for a bigger picture)

Hanoi - the painter

The painter

I was out today to the meet a friend and snap some pictures. It was the last day of the year and not many women were on the street. (They must be home cooking for the dinner tat nien). I was never seeing so many stylish men in one day, hehe.

He wore military stuffs with a shirt in blue stripes. I asked him to pose with and without the scarf, to show the shirt. But I think the red scarf looks divine:)

I kind of love the light quilted stuffs, too.

At Nha Tho str. Hanoi, 25.1.2009.
sobota, 24 stycznia 2009
Paris - Raf Simons makes serious shoulder and arm warmers

Raf Simons AW2009

Raf Simons AW2009

First came the suits (super tailored and of exceptional made in Italy quality - according to Cathy Horyn from NYT). Then perhaps Raf Simons thought that even super cut suits are too boring and hiding too much discreet sophistication even for the trained eyes, he sent out sth like above.

Cuting off parts of a suit jkt is nothing new but he gives them a new shape (but a new meaning? power dressing?:) Interesting. Make sure you take bigger taxi when you dress like that next winter:)

Raf Simons AW2009.

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piątek, 23 stycznia 2009
Paris - Louis Vuitton has balls

Louis Vuitton AW2009


Where did I see soccer ball the last time? In the stadium? No, at CdG SS2008 show (bellow). I am wondering if MJ saw the ball there too.

Comme des Garcons SS2009


Paris - Comme des Garcons Homme plus, doubleness

Comme des Garcons Homme plus AW2009

Comme des Garcons Homme plus AW2009

Comme des Garcons Homme plus AW2009

2 in 1 - the suit jkts are "doubled", one "sits" on another. Perhaps it's about tailoring this time.

I want the hats:)

Comme des Garcons Homme plus AW2009.

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Paris - Rick Owens - pale face black dresses

Rick Owen AW2009

Rick Owen AW2009

Rick Owen AW2009

Sometimes the clothes look like they were put flat on the model (above) perhaps the models are so thin, or too many layers, or both?

There are layers of black and you don't know if the clothes are for women or for men. But who cares:)

The boots are superb. And note the "new length" above yr knees for men. 

Rick Owens AW 2009. Images from

Paris - Yohji Yamamoto - it's gonna be a cold cold winter


Yamamoto AW2009

Yamamoto AW2009

Images from the

But we will wear shorts:) with long johns, long coat, layers and some light padding.

Yohji Yamamoto, AW2009

wtorek, 20 stycznia 2009
Milan - recession rulez at Prada

Prada AW2009

Coats are super long and jkts are double breasted - that's the recession's dress code. I like the studded "total look" :) (bellow). If only the studs were made from white gold, hehe.

Prada AW2009

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Milan - "big bottom" at Jil Sander

Jil Sander AW2009

Jil Sander never looks that "retro" (or "dated", you pick the word). "Does my ass look big?" won't be the question next winter? It seems that the masculine-feminine game in men fashion now is taking a focus on bottom, hmm.

The stuffed silhouette is not much far from his own collection, Raf Simons AW 2008 (bellow).

Raf Simon AW2008

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