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wtorek, 15 stycznia 2008
The Gang

Nguyen Thuy Hang

Nguyen Thuy Hang

Thuy Hang in front of an instalation called "Cinema".

The gang

The gang

She found dead branches in the streets, then she tied them with bondages and let some shaved heads peaking out.

It's spring time, when young leaves are about to burst out. But the tree is tightly tied with bondages. Dead. Some heads are covered. Only some (the gang?) break out.

My friend Julie said: these people are tied to the root of the tree, like we are tied to our tradition and culture.

MỘT BỌN (The Gang) - an exhibition by Nguyen Thuy Hang at Viet Art Center.

42 Yet Kieu str., Hanoi, 15-29 Jan. 2008.

poniedziałek, 14 stycznia 2008
Elegantly sagged

PRADA AW2008 vs. Saggy pants NYT

Right: Saggy pants (photo by Mei-Chun Jau/Dallas Morning News — Associated Press, in a NYT article about banning exposing underwear above a pair of pants in the US, here).

Left: PRADA autumn - winter 2008 (photo by AP Photo/Luca Bruno via

I think the Prada's new men AW collection is ab fab:-)

I like Mondays

I got two good things today.

First (in time order), I've received an email saying somebody has posted my blog for "Bloger of 2007" - a competition organized by

Thank you! :-) And please vote for my blog. The voting starts on 17th Jan.

Second, I've got a flickr mail from Schmap saying two of my photos have been included in the famous Schmap guide.

You could see it here (look for Lanvin)  

And here (look for Costume National):

Should I add that a friend has just bought me a pair of Uniqlo skinny selvage blue jeans from Tokyo, and the straight legs pair will be on order?

Żyć, nie umierać:-) 

wtorek, 08 stycznia 2008





The Poles say "the point of view depends on where you sit". I was sitting on the ground.

PS. Slightly twist your stockings only when your legs are really really thin :-P

At Gaspard Yurkiewich SS2008, Paris, 10.2007.

piątek, 04 stycznia 2008
Really really short

Really really short

Really really short

At Paul and Joe SS2008, Paris, 10.2007.



It's not Undercover (as Cathy Horyn reported here). It's Paul and Joe.

Paris 10.2007.





I like the dress worn over grey trouser more than the total look in florals.

Paul and Joe SS2008, Paris, 10.2007.

In Paris

Shooting stars

Shooting stars in Paris' metro.

Ice cream

I met her outside Dior's show.

The blue jacket

The blue jacket


Wood in Faubourg St. Honore.

Paris, 10.2007.