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The Gang

Nguyen Thuy Hang

Nguyen Thuy Hang

Thuy Hang in front of an instalation called "Cinema".

The gang

The gang

She found dead branches in the streets, then she tied them with bondages and let some shaved heads peaking out.

It's spring time, when young leaves are about to burst out. But the tree is tightly tied with bondages. Dead. Some heads are covered. Only some (the gang?) break out.

My friend Julie said: these people are tied to the root of the tree, like we are tied to our tradition and culture.

MỘT BỌN (The Gang) - an exhibition by Nguyen Thuy Hang at Viet Art Center.

42 Yet Kieu str., Hanoi, 15-29 Jan. 2008.

wtorek, 15 stycznia 2008, sorbet

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